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Mismatched Sock Trend in 2022/2023?

Mix Match socks
Crazy trend or here to stay?

Listen up, if you ever accidentally wore 2 different this article is for you.

I know you readers all have missing single sock that either you lost it, your kids lost it, the laundry mat ate it or your pet decide to run off with it.

Most of the time, we just took the other single sock and threw it away but now with the mismatched sock trend, you can find a new soulmate for your single sock friend!

How are Mismatched socks designed?

Some designers are trying a new trend to purposely design a pair of sock with 2 different artworks that can go together.

The concept is a pair of socks with designs that is related to each other. Like rainbows on one sock and unicorn on the other sock. It's a continuation of the larger design. Here are some examples

mismatched inluxe socks
FRIDAY SOCKS. CO Watermelon and Seeds

mismatched inluxe socks
I love Cupcakes!!

mismatched inluxe socks
Milk and Cookies

We love this trend. As it is a perfect accessory for fun and displaying your passion!

Most of all it shows that you are open to new ideas and enjoy embracing what comes your way!

Look for this trend to continue for the retails who are all about fun and passion!! If you are interested on developing these socks, feel free to contact us

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