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Giving away the Secrets on making a Sherpa Lined Sock?

Okay this isn't really a secret but have you tried searching online and how a Sherpa lined sock is made? There isn't many articles that cover this. I found this interesting as one of the most popular Fleece lined socks comes from UGG.

I looked hard and far for information on this. So here I am! So let's get started.

Sherpa Lined Socks is made of 2 parts. The Sock and Lined Sherpa.

Part 1 - The sock

If you are wondering how a sock is made, I suggest you visit our How socks are manufactured | Inluxe Apparel Socks and Manufacturing ( . Follow up to the toe link step 5 (picture below)

The reason why it stops at step 5 for Sherpa Line Sock is because right after toe linking, we stop our sock process and now move on to the lined Sherpa. In reality both pieces are worked on at the same time.

Part 2 - Lined Sherpa (What is Sherpa)

Sherpa on the market refers to 100% polyester, or a blend of polyester and acrylic. The lining comes in a form of a fabric. It's basically faux wool, meant to simulate the fluffiness, warmth and the heavy feeling you get with wool. Sherpa is used in many types of clothing like jackets, hats, gloves, and of course winter socks.

Getting back to the process, we cut the Sherpa lining into our the shape of our sock pattern design. Nothing fancy, just good old cutting machine or by hand based on size, shape, construction of the sock. For anybody who does cut and sew, it's straight forward.

Merging the 2 pieces together (The Sock and The Sherpa)

Now comes the tricky part. Here we are going to use sewing machines, not the sock machine that knits the sock.

First we flip the sock inside out. Next we line up the Sherpa fabric along the sock. Wrapping both sides. so the fabric of the Sherpa meets end to end. Then we simply sow around the edges. To envision this, I am going to use Christmas stocking, so everything looks clearer. using Sherpa, it's hard to see the stitching up close due to the fully fabric.

Then we flip the Sherpa lined sock back to it's original ready for sale position. At this point, the lined Sherpa sock goes into boarding, cleaning, inspection, packaging and shipping!

That's how a Sherpa lined sock is made, if you have experience with cut and sew, then this is probably no secret at all.

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