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3 Questions to consider when buying your next sock!

You must be thinking, why do I have to consider anything when buying a sock as long as I like the design and feel?

Well surprising answer is many consumers, just buy any sock on the shelves without actually buying the best sock for the occasion!

Not all socks are created equal for all occasions. With that said, let's start with question #1

Question 1 - Where are you going with your feet?

This is the most important question for your feet. Are you going outside for a walk, running, playing sports, special occasion like party, dinner date or just sitting at home during the winter?

Each occasion requires a sock that fits the ideal purpose, along with your shoe type.

Wearing boots? You may want a ankle sock.

Wearing low cut sneakers? You may want a low show sock, so you look nice.

Playing sports? You may want socks with padding and anti-wicking.

Party? You may want fashion socks to show your personality.

At home during Winter snow? You may want cozy socks to keep your feet warm.

Socks have many designs and functions that can enhance your personality, protect your feet or simply keep you comfortable.

Question 2- What season is it?

Did you know there are socks designed for summer or winter months? Most people have seen or heard about cozy socks. But did you know there are summer socks too?

Summer socks are normally thinner and the really good ones have yarn that is meant to keep your feet dry during summers. Every hear of a material called Coolmax? Coolmax keeps the moisture away from your feet. Summer socks tend to be shorter, so they don't cover your calves. Many summer socks are low show or ankle styles.

Winter socks are thicker and many are made with wool or a lining inside the sock. It's mean to keep your feet and up to your calves warm. If you want more information, visit our post on Giving away the Secrets on making a Sherpa Lined Sock? (

So based on Summer/Winter/Fall/Spring and where you live, there are all kinds of socks to keep your feet dry, warm and feeling fresh everyday!

Question 3 - What are they made of?

You can get socks made of cotton, polyester wool, acrylic, and eco-friendly yarns. Each type of yarn can impact the feel and function of a sock. Many times, you may get a combination of yarn to try and make the best sock.

Here are some things to considering about the type of Yarn, when buying a sock.

If your Promoting Eco-friendly environment. You can choose the following.

All of these help promote a better earth without impacting the look and feel for your feet.

Looking for just the casual outdoor socks. Then you got the normal everyday yarn material such as

  • Cotton – Is a common material, that requires no explanation.

  • Polyester - Another common material that requires no explanations.

If you are into sports type of activities. You can choose the following

  • Nylon socks - Main purpose is providing compression to reduce swelling or even provide more ankle support. What is a Compression Sock? (

  • Polyester with adding functionality such as anti-wicking, anti-microbial to fight against sweat, smell and bacteria.

If you are looking for winter socks. You can choose the following

  • Wool - Natural material that has breathability but keeps your feet extra warm.

  • Nylon Feather yarn - Man-made materials that creates a warm and fuzzy feeling around your feet

  • Marshmallow yarn - Gives a sponge type of feeling that is soft, warm and cozy.

We can go on forever about all the various type of yarns that serves a purpose for that special occasion. But to keep things short, a sock is not a simple thing. Picking the right sock styles will make you or your consumers feet's happy. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

We hope you enjoyed this article and if you wish to continue to receive our newsletter, please subscribe and make sure you like our post, so we can continue to write wonderful articles about the world of socks.


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